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It’s not about liberty. It’s about domination.

Right-wing hostility to COVID-19 restrictions, including the simple act of wearing a facemask, has been an ongoing theme of the political polarization that culminated in the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol. Even as members of Congress were taking refuge, crowded into close…

Until recently, media outlets, when running stories about global warming, often felt compelled to also include, often in the same article, scientifically groundless views denying the reality of human-caused climate change. Newspapers and other publications supposedly acknowledged these views in the name of journalistic balance. However, airing such denialism made…

Saving our planet will require making our country more democratic.


Is America’s failure to address climate change evidence that democracies are not up to the task, that voters won’t support the adjustments and sacrifices necessary for a transition away from fossil fuels? Plenty of ink has been spilled about this…


The COVID-19 pandemic has had unexpected implications for climate change. COVID-19 mitigation has meant reductions in travel, industrial activity, and energy consumption. These measures are significantly reducing carbon emissions. Though governments have mandated these measures, in many cases they are willingly accepted, and motivated by a spirit of collective sacrifice

Is it Time for a Climate Uprising?

Levi Draheim is twelve years old. He lives on a Florida barrier island threatened by rising sea levels. He is also one of a group of young people suing the U.S. government for inaction on climate change. The case, Juliana v. United States

Climate Deniers Threaten the Individual Liberty They Claim to Champion

The growing public demand for climate action has sent the American political right into paroxysms of apocalyptic rhetoric about socialist dictators taking away your cars, air travel, and hamburgers. This is another variation on the message that the right has…

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The gun control bill signed by Florida Governor Rick Scott in the wake of the Parkland school mass shooting adopts the much-debated policy of arming at least some teachers. Though the Florida law does contain measures to restrict access to guns and also bans bump stocks, the idea of arming…

Peter F. Cannavo

Professor of Government at Hamilton College

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